Tournament Winners

2016 World Beach Champs
Sand Sharks
[Defeated the Sand Storm 12-6]

2016 Beach Bash Champs
Sand Sharks
[Defeated the Sand Storm 13-0]

2015 World Bash Champs
Sand Sharks

[Defeated the Dolphins 14-13]

2015 Beach Bash Champs


2014 Beach Bash Tournament Winner
Sand Sharks

Sand Storm

The Sand Sharks defeated the Sand Storm 17-15 on a great 82 degree weekend in Virginia Beach VA.  The weekend playoffs included some great teams with former winners In Motion, C Block, Sand Devils and always playoff bound Pirates, Krusty Krabs.

2014 Spring Champs
Sand Storm

Sand Storm, the 2014 Spring Champs defeated C-Block 37-21.

2013 World Championship Winners
River City

Runner Up
C Block

2013 Beach Bash Champions
In Motion

Sand Sharks

In Motion On A Roll. What a great weekend with 22 teams playing hard the entire June 8 and 9th weekend at 13th street. The final 6 teams were all seeded well with the Sand Sharks, In Motion, Sand Devils, Krusty Krabs, C Block and Pirates coming out of the bracket play. In Motion has now defeated the Sand Sharks in 3 finals dating back to the fall league2012, spring league and now the 2013 Beach Bash Championships. A well played game but some big plays by In Motion took them to the promise land 18-9. Too many mistakes led to 4 interceptions by Jay that took the game out of hand for the Sharks. In Motion played very well on a gorgeous 83 degree weather.


USBFFA 2012 World Beach Champions



2012 World Beach Finalist



Beach Bash 2012 Champions


Beach Bash Champions 2011



2011 St. Pete's 1st Annual
Southern Classic Tourney


Names left to right starting on the top PJ Yates, James Washington, Super Ant., John Santoni, Alexander Le, Jay Del Vecchio Lauren DelVecchio, Sam DelVecchio, Annabelle Whitley, Sarah Le


USBFFA World Champions 2010



Congratulations!  - The defending beach champions from 2008 and 2009 were in the finals against the up and coming Sand Devils only to lose 33-25. The Sand Devils were challenged early by getting down by 2 scores but held on to score a late female touchdown with seconds remaining in the first half. That new life energized the Devils to run a quirky but very effective wishbone run game that befuddled the Sharks.  It ate up time and effectively led to key scores in the second half.  The few scores that did occur in the second half favored the Devils. The last two team drives ended up with a score for the Devils on some nice play calling and a 4th and goal sack just outside the 10 yard line for the sharks. The 2 minutes in the game was easily and smartly run down by the Devils for their first tournament win. A great time by all in the 20 team, 4 bracket tournament. Two of the brackets came down to the fun college tie-breaker set up to seed the quarter finals playoffs.  
Stay tuned as this year we have 2 new locations coming to kick off the qualifying tournaments
for seeding in next years World Championships 2011.

Contact Jay at

Barrell 17

C Block Steps Up to Win Beach Bash 2010

Captain Alex and most impressively his wife Sarah finished the Beach Bash championship with a win 16-15. Sunday June 27 was the agreed upon make up finals and it was a beautiful day for it. Due to the previous late lighting storms Sunday June 13, we only were able to get in the semi finals. The semi final playoffs were between undefeated Stormfront vs. Wolfpack and C Block vs. Sand Devils. Wolfpack returned the earlier bracket loss to Stormfront with a semi final win after a second half surge. C Block broke a college formatted overtime to win their bid to in the finals. Due to the lack of light we moved the final championship game past Father's day to the 27th of June. This was the largest 2 day tournament ever in US Beach Flag Football Association history with 21 teams. I apologize that we had to still turn away 3 teams due to lack of qualified refs. We have since found two other sources that have the credentials to work with us in high style.

The finals game was a tale of two halves as the Wolfpack dominated the first half, but could not put C Block away. Sarah and her C Block teammates caught up and took the lead after a failed Wolfpack 4th and 1 to get a first down with 1 minute and 38 seconds remaining in the game. This was the Wolfpack's 2nd tournament and they looked fantastic all weekend. Now with 1 minute and 38 seconds remaining, C Block maneuvered its way down the field to score with a guy. The extra point conversion sealed the win and the championship. The final touchdown went through 2 defenders and then one offensive person's hands only to fall into a second offensive persons hands. Congrats to all who came out and we hope to see you for the August 28/29 2010 tournament. Please note the World Championships are limited in size as we only have 1 full block. Slots will fill up soon so register very soon to play. Check out last years write up on the World Coed championships with this video...


USBFFA at ECSC World Championships (video)

Please enjoy the ECSC 2009 photos provided by the ECSC professional photographer, Jon Abrahams:  A local talent for the beach!

Beach Fall Football & World Championship Results

World Champions 2009 "Sand Sharks"

Finalist 2009
"99 problems, but the beach ain't one"
Richmond, VA.

The USBFFA World 2009 Championships, as part of the East Coast Surfing Championships, is defined by the unique play of the soft sand and great athletes.  The things you can do on the beach to sell out and make a play is incredibly fun to watch and play.

The divisions were larger than ever and the talent made it all come down to the second day to get a playoff spot.  The Pirates,  "99 problems, but the beach ain't one" , Sand Devils and Sand Sharks went at it late Sunday afternoon.  No one is all tapped out in this unique tournament format where guts and glory come into play after 4 previous games.

The finals ended up being won by repeat 2008 champs, Sand Sharks. "99 problems, but the beach ain't one" played exceptionally well during both days.  This was their first trip to the playoffs let alone the finals in  3 previous visits to the beach.  Most of "99" have won in the tough grass league in Richmond, VA and they represented their city well.  I want to thank all the teams from all of the areas they represented.  The overall play and the sportsmanship was energetic and fantastic to be a part of this year.  Kudos' to some of the new teams who came back from the June tourney and upped their game.  Many players learned the special features of our BEACH game and used it to their advantage with some big time plays.  The women in this tournament were the best team for team that I have ever seen.  The athletic ability stretched defenses and made plays all over the field.  

I hope to see you all next year as we have even better plans for fun.  To date we have contacts from Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Brownsville, TX., Acapulco, Mexico and Panama City Beach, FL.  The world tour is really going to be a world tour and a lot of fun.  All of the qualifying events will lead teams to Va. Beach for the final August tournament.  I can't wait for 2010......

It was great to meet and compete with all of you.  Be well and enjoy the fall leagues.

Jay Del Vecchio



Verve USBFFA Beach Bash 2009
Sand Sharks Champions of the Weekend!

The June 6/7 weekend of 80 degree weather was beautiful and a welcome relief from last years 100 degree plus temps.  12 teams played bracket play from 8am- 6pm each day as everyone got 5 games for the nominal fees.  8 new teams came from all over the region with some great people and groups from Christopher Newport Univ, JMU, Press 2 (Hooters staff) and many others too numerous to mention.  I enjoyed meeting each and everyone and hope to see more of you.  I know the August 29/30 World Beach Championships will be even bigger as we have requested extra field space.  We turned a few teams away due to space limitations this year, but we will rectify that for the next one.    

The tournaments are a very special kind of challenge to the teams who take it on.  You have to play 5 - 60 minute games on the sand with the wonderful heat.  Most games teams have a 1 - 2 hour break between games.  Sunday league games are one and done.  Tournament play is exciting with a special kind of intestinal fortitude to focus and get the job done over a long haul.  The fields are a tad larger than the norm, but the lines make it easy to navigate.  Fans of the game are standing some 2 to 3 deep at times watching and cheering.  It is exciting and fun to make it happen with that kind of positive energy all around.    

The Games & People:  As in any tournament the day is long.   Sunday we had a scary time when play on the field ran over into the sidelines.  A player on the sideline got hit from behind and taken down.  All innocent as she never saw it coming, but since it was a spinal/neck injury we all held our breath.  It took some time for city EMT's to get her on a backboard and take her to the hospital for extra care and tests.  She was later released and is doing fine.  The competition and games are important, but the time down to take care of her needs or any player always comes first.  Thank you all for your understanding and kind words on the issues as the day went on.  

The championship game was won by the Sand Sharks 38-26 over the BULL Sharks.  Matt Silver a PT who has moved into the area from NJ. captained the team.  Matt picked up some veteran league players like Jim Augustine through our e mail notification and rode them into the finals.  They had a great game against also undefeated Johnny Dramas and beat them by 7 points to advance.  Johnny D had driven the field and had a 1st and goal from the 1 yard line.  The Bull Sharks held them to win the game.  Matt is a great guy and looking to play in the local league.  He will be compiling a new team to build on for the future events.    

The championship game started off a little chippy with ego's flying and everyone wanting the title.  Frank "Cookie Monster" Castora picked off an early pass from Jim Augustine and returned it to the 2 yard line.  It set up and easy score and a 2 point conversion to James Washington.  After a 4 and out with some tough defense led by the charging Bartley Barefoot, the Sharks got the ball back.  After 6 plays the Sharks scored on a bomb to PJ "He Hate ME" Yates for a 14-0 lead.  Matt's team made some adjustments and worked the ball down methodically to Dee and Shade  to get back into the game.  After that comeback the Sharks ran off 2 scores to control the pace.  Jim kneeled with 10 seconds remaining to sign off on the game.

Great catches and plays on both sides, especially the women athletes.  You do not make the finals ever without great females who can play the game.  The Sand Sharks have won 3 of the last 4 Beach Bash events against some incredible athletes.  Special congrats to all the players and sportsmanship when it counted.  

Recently the US Beach Flag Football Association has had contact from Panama City Beach, FL. and as far away as Portugal to start up leagues and tournaments.  In the US we have 3 other events setting up in other cities to qualify to play here in future events.  Very cool stuff for sure, so stay tuned!  

Want to spread the word...share this with a friend so we can get them on our e mail list to keep them in the loop.



ECSC / USBFFA World Championships 2008:
Picture Gallery | Extended Gallery
(Courtesy of Jon Abraham @
The 2 time defending Beach Champions Sand Spurs lost in their third attempt to complete a three-peat when the revamped Sand Sharks won 31-8. The Sand Spurs were tough all day and took the second seed after bracket play on Saturday August 23, where they only lost 8-0 to the Sharks. After a single elimination 3 round playoff on Sunday many teams made a hard run such as the Pirates, Hurricanes, Goonies and Johnny Dramas. The Spurs came into the finals after defeating a sharp looking Joe Cuellar team, the Sand Devils. The Sand Spurs were primed to make history again.The Sand Sharks defeated Man O'War 42-0 to advance in the semi finals too. This was the 3rd year event for the World Beach Co-ed Flag Football Championships in Virginia Beach, VA. Other cities like Pensacola, FL and San Diego, CA are looking into set up qualifying tournaments to play in 2009. This is only the start of a very exciting exchange of football talent in big tourney's in VA.

Aggressive play was led by the rush of Bartley Barefoot and a PJ Yates defense that only gave up 14 points all weekend in 6 games. The defense had over 20 interceptions, of which many were led by outstanding linebacker female play Mandy Yates, Liz Kloc, LaurenDelVecchio, Lisa Sawdy and Stina Gonzales. The offense enjoyed a short field in many of the key games. The team put over 224 points on the board again in this tourney, where every team member had a score including James Washington,Frank Castora and John Santoni.

The East Coast Surfing Championship was the main event with all types of sports swirling around for 10 blocks. The Smithereens were the band of the weekend on the main stage and they rocked. It was a great 85 degrees all weekend with some fabulous teams playing some high level ball. Thousands of fans on the boardwalk learned the adapted NFL game and had lots of fun. We hope to see you next year!

Beach Bash June 7/8, 2008 Champions
The Sand Sharks won 25-6 in an effort of only giving up 12 points the whole tournament while scoring 236 in 6 games. A new tourney recrod on the sand!
(mising in the picture is defensive specialist JP Battaglia, Gene Flores and offensive guru Lisa Sawdy)

2007 Neptune Festival Tournament Winners

World Beach Flag Football Champions 2007
Sand Spurs (repeat champs from 2006)

2007 Beach Bash Champions
Hustlers defeated the Pit Panthers 32-30.

One of the best tournaments to date as the championship round came down to 3 teams tied for first at 4-1 records.  The defending Sand Sharks of 2005 and 2006 lost out in the tie breaker to the Hustlers.  It all came about when the Hustlers lost to the Sand Sharks for their only loss on Saturday.  The Sand Sharks lost to the Pit Panthers on Sunday, which set up a point differential to decide who would face off for the finals.  The hustlers won by 6 points and went on to battle the Pit Panthers to a great finish of 32-30.  A great weekend with some great play all around.  Congrats HUSTLERS as the 2007 champs!!

2006 Beach Bash Champions
Sand Sharks defeated the Sand Spurs in a rematch of 2005 42-39.


1st annual Beach Bash June 10/11, 2005 = Sandsharks over the Sand Spurs

The East Coast Championhsip winners was the Storm who defeated the Sand Sharks.



No Mere Day at the Beach

June 15, 2005
Virginia Pilot