US Beach Flag Football Association History

Almost 20 years ago...
In 1988, Jay DelVecchio, a Virginia Beach, VA, business entrepreneur & sports
enthusiast, decided to have a fun beach flag football get together at The Virginia
Beach Oceanfront with a few of his friends and workers from his fitness business
on Thanksgiving Day. The next week calls came in to keep it going. That same
year he started the Beach Flag Football
league. It led to a Super Bowl type Beach
Championship game the last weekend in
January. The tradition was set. The 3
team league was off & running.
Twice the Fun...
The consistent growing popularity led to a spring league created in 2001. Each
year the Tidewater Co-Ed Flag Football League has a 13-week fall season with
playoffs ending in the last week in January with the same Super Bowl
momentum. It now has an eight week spring season ending the last week prior
to Memorial Day. The fun rivalries are getting better every year. Twenty
years later the league is really just taking off.
Ten tears later...
In 1998 the Tidewater Co-ed Flag Football
League officially was recognized and put
into place. It is all about team play and
competitive fun. Growing so large the City
of Virginia Beach asked the league to be in the main stream of the boardwalk
every Sunday at 25th Street. This formula has been a huge success!
Two decades later, Jay and Lauren DelVecchio took on a new project <ETH>
offering unique competition up and down the East & West Coasts with
tournaments for Men, Women and the staple program of Coed! The United
States Beach Flag Football Association was officially launched in 2004. The
3-tourney sets in the summer are qualifiers to set up for the World Beach Flag
Championships every year in Virginia Beach. Teams from all over the country
participate as this very unique, but most popular known sport “football”, is
finding a home for competition.
Demographics consist primarily of men and women, aged 25-49, who are
sports enthusiasts along with their families. Charitable efforts go towards
fighting Muscular Dystrophy.
The US Beach Flag Football National Championship Series is conducted in
conjunction with three of the most prominent events at the Virginia Beach
Oceanfront to maximize exposure:
 The North American Sand Soccer Championships
 The East Coast Surfing Championships
 The Annual Neptune Festival

Sponsor Benefits:
Prime Location at the Oceanfront
Association with a fun and fast paced sport [Football]
Visible from 8am to 6pm
Visibility to Thousands of spectators.
Reach active consumer